Shoalhaven City Council Connection Cards

Shoalhaven City Council are reminding residents of the importance of staying connected to our community during difficult times. The community connection card is in place to lend a  hand to those who may need support in our community or just want to spread some neighbourly kindness.
The Community Connection Card will help you to connect with your neighbours, and to let them know how you may be able to assist them.

Whilst many COVID-19 restrictions are lifting across the state, it is important to remember those who you may be sharing your connection card with could be self-isolating or vulnerable. This means we must practice neighbourly kindness with precaution, ultimately to stay say safe and connected. Wash your hands before delivering your cards or any items for assistance and if possible, wear gloves.

It is important that we look after each other during this difficult time. Reach out to your neighbours if you need support or can offer help. These cards can be used at any time so once the restrictions are lifted, we would encourage people to keep using them.

The support you may need, or can offer, may include picking up groceries, goods or medicines for a neighbour who is self-isolating or vulnerable. It may be as simple as offering a smile, making a phone or video call to neighbours’ friends and loved ones, organising a virtual morning tea, a wave or by checking in with, “hello, are you OK today?” while maintaining social distancing. It’s well known that social connection makes us feel better as it helps prevent loneliness, isolation and depression and who knows, it might just make their day.

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