Eastcoast Ultimate Wardrobe Upgrade

We are grateful for Eastcoast Ultimate and the amazing job they have done installing this brand new wardrobe in one of our Cox Avenue bedrooms. Our short-term accomodation home is currently undergoing renovations to a few key areas. As well as installing a new wardrobe, the walls are getting a fresh coat of paint and the ramp is being renovated. These renovations will ensure that our Cox Avenue home is up to the high standard set and kept by Interchange Shoalhaven. Our high standard means that the short-term accomodation will be safe, accessible and functional for all of our participants that access the home.

Our Cox Avenue home is a single-level house with six bedrooms, two bathrooms and a wonderful kitchen. It is walking distance to the town centre, has a large outdoor deck (perfect for BBQs) and can be staffed 24/7, which allows for sleepover support. It is home away from home and perfect for those who would love to gain more independence in a safe and comfortable environment. For more information you can call Interchange Shoalhaven on (02) 4423 0255 or simply send a message through our contact portal.

We are proud to be able to work with local businesses, such as Eastcoast Ultimate, in order to provide a better service for our participants. Eastcoast Ultimate has been operating out of the Shoalhaven for the last 25 years. They manufacture and install a wide range of wardrobes, home office layouts, cabinets, laundry fit-outs and storage solutions.

To contact or find out more, head over to their website or call (02) 4421 0543.

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