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We celebrate our diversity and welcome all people regardless of lifestyle choices, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation and gender identity. Interchange Shoalhaven is a people workplace. Join our team and make a difference today.

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Get involved by simply giving your financial support. Our supporters generously contribute to many activities throughout the year. They have made certain initiatives possible and the value to participants cannot be quantified.



Under recent transition to the NDIS, Interchange Shoalhaven is in the process of identifying and establishing new opportunities, programs and events. A Sponsorship Package with a listing of opportunities and benefits for organisations to profile their brand is currently in development for launch in 2019. We are always happy to discuss sponsorship opportunities and tailor a package to your needs.

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What Our Participants Have To Say


I like to visit the office  to chat to the staff. I likes all my Support workers, Katrina is good fun and Dot is nice.


Dean Bonanno
Dean BonannoParticipant

I like my Support Workers when they take me to the Men's Shed in Sussex Inlet and when they take me to my swimming and boxing classes.

Tim Clark
Tim ClarkParticipant