Government Plan for People with Disabilities During COVID19

The government has recently released a COVID19 plan that aims to keep people with disabilities safe. It is quite extensive and is separated into two parts. Part one is a management plan and part two acts as an operational plan.

Their goals include:
+ Reducing the number of people with a disability who get COVID19
+ Supporting people with a disability who get COVID19
+ Ensuring the community gets the information they need in regards to COVID19
+ Continually learning more about how COVID19 directly affects people with a disability
+ Supporting people with a disability so they can still get the support and services they need during COVID19

We strongly recommend taking the time to look through the plan in order to understand how COVID19 might affect people with disabilities and how the government is going to manage it.

Attached below are both the original plan and an easy to read version. If you have any concerns or questions please don’t hesitate to contact Interchange Shoalhaven, (02) 4423 0255, or directly through our website.

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