Set up your Facebook Birthday Fundraiser to help out Interchange Shoalhaven!

Did you know that on your birthday Facebook will enable you to set up your own fundraiser for a not-for-profit organisation or charity that your Facebook friends can donate to? We would be honoured if you chose us on your next Birthday so we can continue to help locals in our area live a full and happy life!

How can you nominate Interchange Shoalhaven as your Birthday Fundraiser? Follow Facebook’s prompts on your birthday (as outlined in these 10 steps):

Step 1: When Facebook gives you the notification about a week or so before your birthday that you can start setting up your Fundraising, click on that!

Step 2: Search ‘Interchange Shoalhaven’ and click on it when it appears

Step 3: Set your $$ target! We would suggest setting it at around $500-$1,000, but any donations received are extremely helpful!

Step 4: You can leave the ‘Story’ section as Facebook have written it, or you can choose to write something for yourself to tell people why you have chosen Interchange Shoalhaven, and why you encourage others to donate.

Step 5: DOWNLOAD & SAVE our image below that is ready for you to use as the image for your campaign!

Step 6: Choose the image and upload it to your fundraiser

Step 7: Click ‘Create’ once your happy with the picture

Step 8: THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART… ‘SHARE’ it on your timeline and make sure you ‘INVITE’ your friends to donate. You may also choose to donate a little something yourself to get it started.

Step 9: Make sure you click POST and check you have invited friends and shared it on your timeline.

Step 10: Pat yourself on the back for a job well done, and keep an eye on your fundraiser and even thank your friends when they have donated.

Once you have finished the 10 steps, please send us a Facebook Message to ‘Interchange Shoalhaven’ as we would love to take a look and say thank you for your generosity!

Download the image below to use on your Facebook Fundraiser:

We have this image below you can download and use as the image for your fundraiser. Just RIGHT CLICK and SAVE or DOWNLOAD – or if on a Smart Phone you could even take a screen shot of it and CROP it so it looks nice. If you’re having trouble downloading it, please message us on Facebook and we will send you a copy!

Thank you so much for taking the time to help us out! We can not do all the good that we do without people like you! So thank you!

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