The NDIS has released a series of videos that highlight how they have changed their procedures in order to tackle COVID19. The rules and regulations surrounding COVID19 have gone through many iterations in the last month and the NDIS is doing the best they can in order to facilitate any new change.

Below is a list of videos that have been put together by the NDIS on series of topics that might have been affected by COVID19.

1. How to take part in the NDIS during COVID19
2. How to review your plan during COVID19
3. How to see what is in your next plan and how COVID19 might have affected it (Spoiler – it doesn’t!)
4. How to make plans last longer during COVID19
5. Support for children under seven during COVID19
6. How to use the funding in your plan differently during COVID19

Each is a short, easy to understand and informational video with sign language to accomodate for those that may need it.

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