Individualised Support


We can offer you with individualised support including assistance with daily life, transport, home support, assistance with social and community participation and learning and development possibilities.  

Interchange Shoalhaven can customise your support using your NDIS funding for areas such as Assistance with Daily Life, Transport, Assistance with Social & Community Participation, Home Support, Household Tasks & Personal Care, Money Management, Food & Cooking, Increased Social & Community Participation, Improved Relationships, Improved Learning, Improved Life Choices and Improved Daily Living Skills.

We facilitate Self Organising Teams which creates a flexible work environment where the participant sets the goals and has the support of their own stable team to achieve them.

  • Each team is made up of 3-4 Support Workers with a Team Coach (from our Client Services Team) to oversee all activity.
  • The team takes the heavy lifting out of doing everything on your own, but you stay in control.
  • You can elect to self schedule or have your team schedule shifts for you
  • The team carries out responsibilities using an adaptable, values-based, person-centred approach.

Collectively, we deal with everything behind the scenes so you have the tools to do things your way with the right people and resources by your side.

We also facilitate Self Scheduling Participant/Nominee

Some participants /nominees prefer to do their own scheduling and communicate this information to their team. It’s your choice.

We have the resources, technology and training to readily support that choice. A short training session to show you how to use our technology and systems, then you are on your way. You always have help and access to the team should you need.

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